Wearing Safety Shoes For The Right Reasons

If you’re working in industrial areas or mining sites, then wearing safety shoes or boots is definitely part of your company standards and procedure.  You need to wear these types of shoes because you are exposing your feet to harsh conditions. Safety shoes keep your feet protected from sharp objects, heat, or chemicals. However, other people can’t bear wearing these shoes as they think it’s ugly or it will make them look ugly.

The main purpose of safety shoes is to keep your feet safe from harm. This is the reason why some of them have steel sole layer which makes it feel a bit stiff compared to trainers. Well with your feet’s safety in mind, I think it’s fair enough to compromise some flexibility. Nevertheless, a lot of them have layers of cushion for comfort and mobility. Other safety shoes have metallic parts to protect your feet against impact, creating an impression of weight. Well, the old types of protective shoes are actually heavy and bulky but shoemakers and manufacturers nowadays have solved this problem by making shoes out of lightweight materials. These shoes definitely cost more than the ordinary heavy shoes but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind paying more if it’s comfort and safety you want.

Now, apart from the characteristics of safety shoes discussed above, there are also some common misconceptions regarding protective shoes I want to share with you. Some people think they have rigid parts that cause discomfort as these parts press against their foot, which makes walking painful and difficult. Well, shoe manufacturers make sure their footwear items are comfortable, whether you’re wearing them when working in a factory or when running. These bad experiences some people have with wearing safety footwear are actually their fault as they might have bought the wrong size or poor quality shoes. If you wear shoes with the wrong fit or one with poor quality, then walking in them can become a nightmare.

Also, some think that shoes that have steel or aluminum reinforcements could easily get hot or cold but this is not actually true as these shoes are well lined with insulating materials. They are quite versatile so you can count on them in different temperature conditions, whether it’s cold or hot.

If you’re one of those men who think that safety shoes would make them look less stylish, then you are wrong. This issue has been resolved by manufacturers by hiring competent designers to create top design protective shoes that you can match or wear with your jeans. There are also those that make you look elegant enough for casual gatherings.

The most ridiculous fallacy is the belief that steel reinforcement of these types of shoes can bend or cave in your toes, causing injury. This is absolutely not true. The steel toe protection of some shoes does not cover all the toes but only the big toe and the next after, which is not really a bad thing because they are the ones that usually get injured.

Even in seemingly safe conditions, foot accidents and injuries may happen. There’s always the possibility you’ll step on a sharp object in a seemingly non-hazardous office. That is why wearing the right kind of shoes is very important in keeping your toes, ankles, heels, and soles safe and protected all the time.

Published on  July 23rd, 2013